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I’ve been a terrible blogger … August 4, 2010

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So – next week I’m apparently working every day … total of about 38 hours. I’m going to have to figure out a new schedule for the books. My original plan was twelve books and I’m sticking to that – but this blog is obviously going to carry on into the fall and will depend on my schedule. There we go.

Until I pick up the next book though (oh – expect vlogs though – I may vlog) – happy news, I am keeping a tumblr, which is like a quick blog, if you’re unfamiliar. It has no purpose really – it’s just a bunch of stuff sort of thrown together. I update it a few times a day (and you can ask me questions and all on it) so visit and browse (click the title below) –

The Multicolored Mustache

Speaking of happy things – hurrah for the judge in California! Hurrah for equality! My happiness literally is unexplainable and I don’t even live in California! Hurrah!