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Getting things sorted – then back on schedule … hopefully … July 27, 2010

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So I’ve started ‘training’ at my new job. Exciting … humph.

Anyway, until I can figure out how to work everything out (I may start bringing the books to work once my shifts get longer … which I think they will … I’m really not sure … if you’re Sarah or Paul, you know exactly what’s happening in my head right now). Translation – blog on hold for another week – just so I can get into a new schedule that includes more than writing Dickens quotes on the back of my hands.

Oh – have an Inception .gif.

I. Love. This. Cast.

I’m going again to the film this week. It will be my third time. Judge away.

Right – so, my plan currently exists of trying to put down The Old Curiosity Shop and pick up Wuthering Heights instead (working on outlining an essay and I have a feeling this book will be handy – plus, I just watched the new mini-series (see my thoughts on that on facebook (it’s one of my statuses)) and feel as though I’m going through a Brontë crisis of faith). I don’t know how that’s going to work out … I’m currently reading another book on lit theory and got hung up on a sentence so my attention keeps wandering from subject to subject – blah.

Crapola – I also have to write a mini-review of North and South. Right. I need to write up a schedule to get myself on track.

I totally sound scatterbrained at the moment, but there are lots of things happening all at once here so bear with me at the moment!

And go see Inception.

ETA: I woke up this morning miming typing in my sleep (I even backspaced when I typed a word incorrectly). I do not know what this means but enjoy random story of the day.


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