Strip the Willow and Rip the Bodice

Because everyone needs a hobby …

And I make … four June 28, 2010

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I already read the book for this week so I am going to post on it – either tomorrow or the day after, though, as today … today, I had a tooth pulled.

I have a fear of dentists and this was the first time in years I had gone thanks to an awkwardly growing wisdom tooth. Long story short – everything is fine but the tooth needed to go.

So it went – I can’t feel half of my face – and I’m watching the new HP trailer over and over again because it’s epic.

And you’ll hear all about Doctor Who soon, too.

Just have to regain some feeling …

I’m the fourth person I know now who, in the span of these two months have had to go in for something done to their teeth. I thought it was the law of three? Or is that only death? Ah well …


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