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Rank and Title and Why They’re Important June 17, 2010

Irrelevant .gif is irrelevant …

Found this yesterday and there was no real context to use it in so ... here it is anyway.

Okay. Rank and Title. Obviously we’re dealing with a ‘Duchess’ (duh) but we’ve also dealt with Viking princesses and other women who hold positions that are above their male counterpart. It doesn’t all rest in the strict definitions of ‘rank’ and ‘title,’ but also in what they have.

What the hell do I mean?

First – the title of ‘Virgin’

In …

Okay – WordPress just completely lost my post after this point. Needless to say – I’m sort of pissed, but here are my main points that I did make in over 1000 words in less than 300 words:

1. ‘Virginity’ and ‘Inexperience’ are titles that the women use as power

2. They also use their rank (duchess, princess, etc.) to move around easier and have a bit of power over the men. As you can see – not all guys take this well. Caedmon is pretty much forced into marrying Breanne (even though he loves her) and Jem freaks out when he finds out that Harriet is a duchess.

“‘You lied to me. I thought you were the widow of a farmer -‘ He spat the word. ‘-and all along you were merely playing with the hoi polloi. Amusing yourself with me.'” p.326

3. Harriet is a little different because she is looking for pleasure – and she is not an actual virgin (but she is inexperienced) – she falls in love with Jem as he falls in love with her. But she does give him her ‘inexperience’ that is expressed like virginity:

“‘Let me put it this way,’ he said. ‘If you’re not a virgin, Harry, you sure as hell haven’t had much experience kissing.'” p.219

So – different sorts of power winning over the male protagonist – but all have to do with some sort of inexperience. Whether that’s attractive is moot – what is important is the power that the title of virgin has.

4. There was some RDJ up in this post but you can thank WordPress for screwing that up. I’ll save the .gif for another post.

And I’m not being lazy by not retyping everything – this is a subject I plan to revisit in books to come so I can go more in depth then. I would do this one over but I have proofing to do and my blog is the last thing I want to fall behind.

Such a good post too … now to go grumble in the corner …



James, Eloisa. Duchess By Night. New York: Avon Books, 2008.


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