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Taking the week to sleep … June 6, 2010

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So – I’ve decided to take this week off from my blog. There’s a lovely lot I need to catch up on – my own reading, my own writing – plus, it’s starting to feel like a chore to write a post and I don’t want to feel that way when I’m writing. I want to enjoy it like I usually do.

This week I’m going to go from this:

To this:

I’ve decided, too, like the structuralism posts, I’m going to do this every three books just to let my mind rest and freshen up for a new set of reading. It’ll be for the best – that way I can really sort of give my all to each book since I’ll have the rest.

Therefore – see you all next Monday!

Oh – and because I’m doing this – here’s the cover of the next book as a teaser:

Eloisa James' 'Duchess By Night'

Notice the blonde? Notice only a girl on the cover? And – it’s the first purchase from B&N so get excited!

Excited as you can, at least haha!


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