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7 Hours in a Waiting Room Means … May 24, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Liz @ 9:39 pm

No new post today – the new book will start tomorrow.

My gramma had knee replacement surgery today and we ended up sitting in the waiting room for seven hours. The good news? I finished Villette. The bad? I only managed to get about 30 pages into the newest book. (But, in finishing Villette I bought myself a lot of time to read the novel for this blog – I probably won’t start North and South until the weekend)

Of course … my very small indentation in the book may be because I was making a lot of marginal notes … but that’ll be for you all to see soon. Plus – I have to crosscheck notes from the previous book – which I couldn’t do at the hospital.

So – tomorrow: New post. New book.

And we’re going to have fun with this one – I got that feeling.


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